Business Portraits

Can you afford to put your image—your most valuable asset in jeopardy?

Yet, this is exactly what many executives do when they use poor or outdated photographs of themselves or their employees to represent their company.

Often, the first and sometimes the only communication a company has with those individuals with whom they wish to do business is through photographs. Therefore, it is imperative that an executive portrait whether used for public relations, advertising, annual reports or display is of the highest quality. It must reflect an image that tells potential customers, investors and stockholders that the company is solid and growing.

Our client’s image is our major concern. Careful consideration is given to every detail, from the correct choice of clothing to best reflect the successful look, to the type of posing and locations that will best support the stability and strength of the executive. Much of the success of a Siegman Studio portrait is due not only to what is captured by our camera, but also to the extra time and concern we spend planning the photographic session.

I know that you will find our quality and service to be the finest available. We would like to be your executive portrait photographer, and we are confident that we will be successful in projecting the image you are seeking.

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